now or never

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Sulley, you’re not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it. Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me.

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Who do you want me to be?

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make me choose: science boyfriends or clintasha? asked by markoruffalo


i literally dont talk to anyone unless they talk to me first

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E A R T H S  M I G H T I E S T  H E R O E S

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people who don’t sit through the credits after a marvel movie are weak and won’t last the winter.

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You want society to accept you, but you can’t even accept yourself.

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I’m sorry, dad.

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We used to be best buddies,

But now we’re not.

I wish you would tell me why…

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Hattie Watson. LA. 2013. Leica M6 78.

(Styled by: Julie, HMU by: Vera Delgado)

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